Test Results FAQs

We hope the following FAQ’s may help with enquiries you may have with regard to recent tests and results:

Please telephone for your results approximately 1 week after the tests were taken, we cannot telephone all our patients to give results.

Alternatively you can now access your test results online.

The reception is only a message provider. They are not clinically trained to interpret results so please do not be offended when you are given a basic response.

Should you wish to discuss the result with your usual Dr please either make an appointment or arrange to speak to them on the telephone.

If you still have symptoms please do not be afraid to say so as it may be further tests are required or investigations. Book another appointment with your usual doctor.

We welcome feedback from patients and try to improve our service appropriately.

What to do if you have been asked to Fast

What to do if your doctor has asked you to have a Fasting Blood Test?

  • Fasting glucose fast for 12 hours
  • Fasting = no food, no fluids except water.
  • Fasting lipids fast for 14 hours

Do drink water to stay hydrated especially in the morning.

Do not take normal medications in the morning of blood test but do take them straight afterwards and do take night time meds.