Patient Information: Current Demand

Resources are stretched to over capacity, our Government funding is not sufficient to allow us to employ more staff even if we had space to put them; we don’t. We are doing the very best we can, and unfortunately complaining about lack of appointments or wait times is beyond our control right now.

Please lobby your local MP as the Government are the key to making things right.

Please be kind and considerate and always think, “Do I really need the surgery or can someone else help? Yes, I might have to travel a bit further but by sharing the load across all health sectors will have benefits for us all.”

As always, we will not tolerate rudeness or aggression. We have noticed an increase in some patients thinking that our staff can be shouted at or threatened, and obviously this is not the case. We will take steps to remove patients where there is a breakdown in relationship.

Cherish our NHS and staff and we will go forward looking after you and your families.

Thank you for your understanding.